Crosslam Australia sources its certified renewable timber stocks from Australian forests.

Crosslam Australia products use :

  • use higher density, more durable, locally sourced Radiata pine.
  • timber sourced and graded to Australian Engineering standards. Our manufactured products go out to our clients fully tested to meet those same standards.

Australian Forest Resources

Investment in Crosslam Australia products is an investment in Australian forestry products. Crosslam Australia is committed to maximising the value obtained from our local supplies of natural timber.

Timber is a natural product and it contains blemishes and flaws created as part of the natural growth process. By removing these flaws and rejoining timber pieces we make the timber stronger and minimise waste.

Generally not all of the tree is suitable to create timber for structural purposes. We challenge this theory and invest in product design and testing to use as much of the raw product as possible. Only defective timber waste goes to wood chipping.

Crosslam Australia is committed to producing high quality panel product sourced from reputable suppliers. Our suppliers are required to submit certifications on all product confirming the timber they supply comes from renewable forests.