Crosslam Australia products will generally be used on larger construction projects requiring a modular construction procedure. CLT is not machined on site. Preparation of the panels is performed in our controlled factory environment. The modular product is then shipped to site for erection. The panels are then craned and fixed into position by a team of  skilled tradesman as part of a supply and install package.

Supplying and installing the product is only part of the service. Prior to processing the panels in our workshops every client’s design will require a team of our engineers to integrate the right panels into the architectural layout of the building.

This design work is carried out here in Australia by our own engineers using our own software. Because we control the whole process our clients get fast and efficient service during normal working hours and there is therefore no need to deal with overseas offices in difficult time zones.

Crosslam Australia software
Specialised software integrates panel designs into the structure

Every project is different

Any building project has its challenges before it becomes a reality. Crosslam Australia has a team of engineers and project managers who are experts in construction with decades of experience building multistorey buildings. Clients can be assured we will provide the best advice regarding how to build.

Having confidence in the building product and building process is essential. Experience in construction as well as making a great product is where Crosslam Australia excels.

The management staff of Crosslam Australia are builders or building engineers. They have knowledge of how to build and how to find value for their clients.

Crosslam Australia does not just buy the best technology, we develop it.

Our commitment to clients and staff is to focus our talents and ability to innovate and change.  Research and development  as well as the improvement of our manufacturing technology is a key tenet of our business. Better products and processes allow us to offer clients greater value and enduring product satisfaction.

CLT panels provide a number of value propositions in comparison to heavier modular panels. Some are:

  • Lighter building leading to cost savings in site works and footing costs.
  • Cost savings from faster building.
  • Significant reductions in crane costs.
  • Safer working conditions for construction workers.
  • Community recognition for building responsibly and sustainably.