As a modular construction process the panels are delivered to site ready to be craned into position. CLT panels are lifted with overhead tower cranes. Visibility is important to lift panels safely and quickly so overhead visibility is far better than using mobile units. If the construction team is used to building with precast concrete panels products then the process of using the CLT panels is much the same. The difference is that it can be much safer. Depending on the type and size of the build, the erection will be quicker because the structure can be built using one trade instead of three.

Overhead visibility allows safer and faster lifting

Industry Experience

Years of Experience in the Building industry means you can be assured the construction process will be handled professionally and quickly.

We deliver our product to your program.

Our construction crews are experienced professional tradesman. Our Supervisors and Project Managers will integrate our works with your build to ensure the product is constructed quickly and to exacting quality.

Our teams work under strict safety protocols and will assist in documenting processes specific to your job.

At the end of the job we conduct a thorough audit of our work and provide a written report to the client certifying the build.