Crosslam Australia has developed its own processes and technology to make it  unique in the way it manufactures CLT. Using technology designed and manufactured in Australia our factory makes CLT differently and we believe more efficiently. Every step of our panel manufacture process is monitored and documented for customer confidence. Each panel is tested and stamped to confirm its engineering performance.

Precision Manufacture

Our engineered products require precise and exacting manufacture under controlled conditions and under strict time frames.

Our Lamellas are manufactured to precise dimensions under controlled moisture conditions. Only Lamellas that meet certain pre production critera are released to the next production phase.

Only the highest quality glues manufactured by renowned international suppliers are used in our panels. Glues that provide long term durability and fire resistance define our panels attributes from our competitors.

Our press units were designed and manufactured in Australia just for CLT fabrication. The units provide consistent, accurate pressures which are monitored constantly to ensure the thickness and curing of the glues is not compromised.